Tree Monkey Project provides tree climbing instruction

to forest protectors, animal caretakers, and people who love trees. What will you do with Tree Monkey skills?

  • Save Orangutans in Borneo?

  • Create Jobs for Amazon tribes in Ecuador?

  • Take Girl Scouts in the United States to new heights?

  • Protect against illegal logging in Rainforest?

  • Encourage your team to embrace new perspectives?

The Bay Area has eased Covid Restrictions! 

TMP is scheduling tree climbing classes, climbing events and future tours.  

Choose your adventure here.

Tree Monkey completes its Project in Borneo. 

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a closer look
a closer look

learning the hardware
learning the hardware

a closer look
a closer look


Your donation supports tree climbing training to forest protectors across the world.

Tree Monkey Project is a sponsored project of MarinLink, a California non profit corporation, exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Code. Our EIN number is 20-0879422