The Monkeys


  James Reed - Captain Monkey 











  James is a Certified Arborist and professional tree climber, who for the last 16yrs has traveled extensively throughout the US doing hazardous tree work after hurricanes and other natural disasters. Since, 2006 he has been traveling around the world to introduce people to tree climbing as a skill to protect the forest and animals. Traveling and tree climbing through South America in  Peru, Ecuador and Brazil; Costa Rica in Central America; Malaysia and Indonesia in East Asia with many more countries on the list.


James is a Trained Instructor and Facilitator through Tree Climbers International and created Tree Monkey Project to share his experience and skills to benefit the greater global forests and community. 


  Eric Folmer - Tree Wolf/Monkey 








Eric has a solid background of over years experience as a working tree climber and tree service owner in Berkeley, CA. He is a Certified Arborist and member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists.


In the past 8 years Eric has been involved in climbing for research and adventure in the tropicle forests. He has started Tree Wolf Tours, taking tourists to Latin American countries to explore the remote tree canonpies. His tours include tree climbing instruction, guided tree climbs, lectures and other environmental activities by experienced biologists. 




 Tamela Fish - Media Relations/Outreach Monkey


















 Tamela Fish has supported advocates and raised awareness about climate change with technology and tenacity for five years. She has participated and facilitated in a variety of mobilizations including; The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network, The People’s Climate March in New York, Summer Heat with Sunflower Alliance, and Don’t Frack California hosted by 350org.  Tamela wants to save forests and immediately saw the monkeys in the trees.  “Tree Monkey Project is an exciting, professional, and fun solution to a very real global threat.  I want to be a Tree Monkey!”