Treewolf 2016-2017 New Year's Adventure

Tropical Forest Experience with Tree Climbing

   Our 4th Annual Costa Rica Adventure is open for registration.  It will be  December 26, 2016 through  January 8, 2017 for a total of 14 days including the arrival and departure days. 

    We will visit lodges and locations with different unique environments.  We will immerse us in the Pacific Lowland Rain Forest at Corcovado on the Osa Peninsula.  This area contains some of the largest tropical trees in the Americas and has one of the highest levels of diversity of flora and fauna.  We will also visit the-mid elevation Wilson Botanical Garden and Las Cruces Research Station  near the small town of San Vito and the spectacular high-elevation Oak Cloud Forest in the Talamanca Mountains.  In addition we will visit the indigenous village Boruca during their New Year's festival.

The tour will be an all around nature experience with special focus on plants and opportunities for tree climbing.  Experienced and beginning tree climbers are welcome.   Our method of climbing is not strenuous.  You will be secure,  move at your own pace and can rest any time and enjoy the surroundings.

Land cost: $ 1950.-, double occupancy.

Experienced climbers are encouraged to bring their own climbing equiment.    Beginning climbers will receive guidance and training and be charged an extra $ 100 if we provide the equipment.


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