Sunday Tree Climbing Events are Temporarily Canceled for the month of June. Please return to see events for July.

Tree Monkey Project is looking for a new tree climbing location in Marin County or the Bay Area.

 While we enjoyed our time climbing at the Marin Town and Country Club and appreciated their helping initiate the creation of the Project, we are no longer able to utilize the location. 


What we are looking for- 


  A single tree or grove of older hardwood trees (oaks, bays, eucalyptus trees etc.) that have many strong horizontal branches  on relativily level ground, fairly easy access by car and foot. 


  If you have any knowledge of eligible places please email us with location and/or owner information and if possible pictures of the trees. 


 Once we find a suitible location we will be happy to arrange a certified arborist inspection of the tree/s.


 We will also add owner to our current general liability insurance as additionally insured.