Tree Monkey Project is working on uniting businesses and organizations as well as private donors together to help in our mission too. 


Rainforest Connection - is a San Francisco base non-profit, whose mission is to protect endangered forests from destruction and illegal logging. Rainforest Connection transforms used cell phones into monitoring devices that listen for the sounds of chainsaws and other sounds sending alerts to rangers to enable a response.

 Tree Monkey's is providing them with tree climbing training to install these devices in trees for their recent tests and pilot projects in Africa and Brazil. We are looking forward to promoting their cause as well as combining resources in future endeavors. Check out their website!


Fundacion OSA - Started by Jonathon Miller-Weisberger, Fundacion is part of The Living Bridges Foundation, formerly Grupo Osanimi. It is a collaborative effort among a small but growing group of concerned and aware individuals in Costa Rica, Ecuador and the United States in the fields of fundraising and proactively endorsing rainforest and wildlife conservation and cultural heritage revivification projects among indigenous minorities and rural peoples’ communities. 

Jonathon was instumental in connecting the Tree Monkey Project with the Indigenous groups In Ecuador, to train in tree climbing and  give them marketable skills for harvesting fruits, tea leaves, and rare medicinal plants, as well as starting ecotours in the trees. We thank Jonathon and look forward to having a ongoing relationship with Fundacion OSA cause. For more Information look at these sites.


Tree Wolf Tours - Is a California based Ecotour company specializing in tree climbing tours to Costa Rica. Tree Wolf has offered to help create a tour to Ecuador to give a first hand experience to those that want to share in the fun and adventure and find out what its like to climb 150ft tall trees in the jungle! We look forward to giving interested donors the direct experience of their benefit to the communities and environment. Come join us!