Preparing for Ecuador 2015

In March of 2014, we went on a trip down to Ecuador to take part in a ceremony of a native tribe called the Secoya in the Amazon jungle. I was asked to bring my tree climbing gear along to demonstrate and possibly teach the Secoya and another family, the Mamallactas, how to climb trees with safety gear, as they are starting a business collecting tea leaves from Guayusa trees to make Guayusa tea. With the rainforest canopy being 60-80 feet tall, we needed to make sure they would be safe harvesting tea leaves for their business.


As time was very limited I was only able to give a very basic instruction on tree climbing for the Mamallacta's. My new friends and students, Carlos and Benjamin, were given basic lessons in tree climbing so that they can start practicing and prepare to harvest the leaves for their business. Just before leaving for Ecuador, a few of my tree climbing friends had also graciously donated a full set of tree climbing gear to leave with them so they could continue to practice.