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Romania New Tour Dates May 14-23 2021

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 While most people think of Transylvania as the home of fictitious character Count Dracula, there is something very real and very alive that exists in the heart of Romania worth sharing with the world. 


 Did you know that Romania is considered home to some of the last remaining virgin forests in Europe, and home to wildlife such as the brown bears, wolves and lynx?

These forests have been growing for over 300 years in certain places and are a mix Beech, hardwoods and softwood trees. 


 Unfortunately, as is happening with other forest areas, they are under pressure from illegal logging and poaching. 

 In May of 2017 I had the pleasure of working with a local NGO Agent Green and Technology non-profit Rainforest Connection to help set up devices called Guardians, which do forest monitoring of illegal activities on a private forest property in the Carpathian mountains. I got to see first hand the beauty of the forests and experience seeing the wildlife up close. 


 I wanted to share that experience and create awareness of the effort to save this precious environment by creating a tree climbing tour to Romania for others to get first hand experience of why these forests are so important. 


  Come and explore with us the Primeval Forests of Transylvania !


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 Tree Monkey Project has teamed up Malia Everrette founder of Altruvistas to create an amazing experience to share with you.  



 This tour will take us to Zabola Estate, a private forest property in the small village about 3.5 hour drive directly north of the capital city of Bucharest, where we will explore the local forest and see the wildlife including bear, wild boar, deer and fox up close. 


 Those who want to experience tree climbing for the first time will be facilitated into the trees by experienced tree climber guides. 


 There will also be opportunities for experienced tree climbers to explore climbing on their own and facilitate in installations of forest monitoring technologies like the Rainforest Connection Guardians to help monitor the forest to protect from illegal logging and poaching as well as biodiversity monitoring of the local animal populations. 


 For those ground dwellers, there will also be day trips to local sightseeing locations from Zabola such as hot springs, medieval villages and day hikes.

This will be a 10 day tour starting and ending in Bucharest. Accommodations, ground transportation, and most meals included. Airline tickets not included

Price for the tour is $2675 for double occupancy.


For a full Itinerary please click on the link below. 

For more information about this tour you can contact Tree Monkey, and to register for this tour please click on this link
Click on this link to get more information about Zebola Estate