What We Offer


There are a few different climbing techniques using ropes, but the one used mainly in technical tree climbing is called the Double Rope Technique or DRT. In this technique we are sending the rope over a branch and using both ends of the rope to climb on. Then using a series of knots we tie one end of the rope to your saddle and back to the other side of the rope. This creates a type of system similar to using a pulley where as you pull down on one side of the rope, you will be pulled up by your saddle. A specific knot, tying both sides of the rope will be used to allow you to ascend the rope. It will also hold you any time you stop, allowing you to sit back and relax. And, it will also allow you to descend the rope at any time as well.

Facilitated Tree climbing

 This is how we first introduce tree climbing to people with little or no experience of tree climbing. Finding a safe and appropriate tree to climb, we hang ropes from branches, tie the climbing knots, fit climbers into the saddles and helmets and teach the basic technique to climb the rope into the canopy of the tree. Participants will always be on rope and will not be transferring from branch to branch while in the trees. These climbs can be done on an individual or group basis.


Tree climbing Instruction

 For people who would like to learn the technique of tree climbing, we offer courses on  tree climbing including; learning how to Identify a safe tree, setting the ropes, knot tying, different techniques of climbing the ropes, transferring from branch to branch and more. Climbing instruction will be adapted for those who wish to be Professionals as well as those who want to climb for recreation.


Guided Tree Climbing

For those who are wanting access to wild trees (trees never climbed before) whether in jungles or at home, for research or for fun, Guided tree climbing can be arranged. Climbing gear and proper instruction will be included.